Tips on a Paleo Diet while Crossfit Training

01 August 2013

Crossfit training has become a popular term when famous personalities have been mentioning it as their program. In this type of fitness and personal training exercise, there will be a combination of different exercises, moves, and maneuvers collecting numerous principles from weightlifting, aerobics, and even gymnastics. But Crossfit training will not be complete without following a good diet plan. One of the popular choices of diets for Crossfit trainers is the Paleo diet.

To incorporate Paleo diet into your Crossfit lifestyle, here are some tips on how you can do it:

  • Eat meat and a lot of it. Paleo diet is all about the meat. Meat that comes from animals that eat grasses and leaves. These animals have bodies that are built to convert nutrients properly. The best types of meat for the Paleo diet are the cuts from lamb, beef, goat, or venison. It is also much better if the meat that you eat will be are from animals fed with grass and not corn. This is because corn-fed animals gain weight easily but they lose the leanness of their meats. Do not be too afraid of eating a little animal fat as it is natural.

  • Remove the flour from your diet. A lot of tasty dishes can be made with flour. Popular examples are pasta and bread. Unfortunately, you have to get rid of these from your diet since the ancient paleolithic humans didn’t really eat seeds. If you remove flour from your diet, you can see a big difference in your body shape in a few weeks.

  • Say no to energy drinks and any other flavored drinks. The Paleo diet is all about going back to basics and going all-natural just like the human ancestors did. This means you need to eliminate any items that are processed including those energy drinks that many people consume when going to the gym. You also need to get rid of sodas, shakes, and even fruit juices from your normal routine. Drinking a lot of water will help. Your personal trainers in Crossfit would also approve of increasing your water intake in a day.


  • Incorporate fish in your diet. Eating fish is not prohibited in the Paleo diet. But you can always favor the oily varieties like sardines and mackerel over the rest. The concern here is the pollution of the waters where these fishes swim.
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