10 Ways to Reverse the Holiday Weight Gain

27 December 2015

The holidays have been both devious and rewarding. We got to see our loved ones whom we haven’t spent time with for so long. Plus, we got to feast on just about every pie, pudding and stuffing that would last us for an entire season. However, it’s also got us packing on the extra weight we dodged for the last few months.

Guilty as charged, we’ve all indulged ourselves in holiday overeating that some of us end up depressed come January. Don’t fret. Not all hope is lost. There are different ways to reverse the holiday weight gain.

So put down that leftover turkey leg and listen up. Let’s get you back in shape as we welcome the New Year.

  1. Don’t forget your ABC’s

Alcohol, Bread and processed Carbs all contribute to your relentless weight gain. Now that the festivities are over, it’s time to cut back on your ABC’s and focus on the healthier options at hand. Eat your veggies and err on the lean side of protein. Slow down on the beef and eat more salmon and chicken instead. This way, you’re already getting rid of those food groups that are making it even harder for you to lose the extra pounds.

  1. Take one-third of your meal off

Whether you’re having dinner at home or in a restaurant, it’s close to impossible to resist the temptation of cleaning your plate. Since you’ve gotten so use to overeating over the pas month, it’s going to be very hard not to finish that plate in one go. The trick? Take a third off your meal right away. Ask for a to-go bag and put a portion of your meal there to save for lunch the next day. If you’re eating at home, keep the one third in the refrigerator right away to lessen the temptation.

  1. Make way for cheat days

Don’t punish yourself and instantly remove all the indulgences you’ve gotten so used to for a while. That’s just going to make the transition a grueling task that’s more painful than rewarding. Instead, give yourself two days every 21 days to eat whatever you want. This way, you won’t feel deprived yet still prioritizing your weight loss above all.

  1. Wait 10 minutes

Studies show that cravings typically last for 10 minutes. So before you go right ahead and buy that greasy burger, wait it out. See if you really want to eat that fatty food that will just go straight to your already bulging belly. Distract yourself by tackling your to-do list, answering that email or making a phone call. You’d be surprised how differently you feel afterwards.

  1. Drink water

Need we remind you that thirst is mostly mistaken for hunger. Instead of reaching for the nearest slice of pizza in front of you, go and drink a full glass of water. Not only does it satiate. It also boosts your metabolism, helping you get rid of those toxins that have built up in your stomach.

  1. Opt for light, frequent meals

Experts suggest going for light, frequent meals instead of eating large at once. This allows proper digestion for your food and prevents overeating. Plus, it improves your metabolism, which aids in burning calories efficiently. So the next time you want to gobble that massive plate of dinner, think. Would this actually help you lose weight?

  1. Give high intensity training a try

High intensity training, better known as HIIT is one of the best ways to lose weight properly. It consists of short bursts of intense exercises that require a ton of effort, burning off all those regretful calories you collected past month. Plus, it’s coupled with a rightful rest period to balance everything out. How to get even more out of HIIT? Combine it with weight training and thank us later.

  1. Revisit old photos

If you really want to get all those holiday weight off your body, revisit your old photos. See how better you looked before all the festivities took place. Use your old self as an inspiration for you to get back on your groove and on that treadmill. Better yet, aim to be an even better version of yourself than what you were a month ago.

  1. Be realistic with your goals

Don’t kid yourself by reaching for the stars instantly. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for surefire disappointment, which won’t lead you to lose all that weight. Be realistic with what you want to happen. A pound or two lost in each week is manageable and a good start. Stick to your goals and be reminded of them everyday so you won’t stray. Only then will you be able to really commit to improving your body again.

  1. Stay positive!

Keep your head up. As long as you are focused on your goals, it won’t be long until you shed off those extra pounds. See this feat as a productive and rewarding one.

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