7 advantages of In Home Personal Training versus In Gym Training

Whether it be to work on that summer body or simply because you want to be fitter, leaner and healthier the aim is always the same…to burn some calories and work up a sweat. Easier said than done, because that involves discipline and some say “no pain, no gain”. The point being that exercise is a must. Realistically speaking if you lack the ability to motivate yourself or walk pass that tasty snack, then you need some help. Most of us will turn to the most cost effective means we know which includes those YouTube videos or maybe that Insanity DVD, but even those pose a challenge. The gym might come with everything you need too, but the cost is not always reflective of the results or even time you intend to put in.

We have another option for you. Well, actually it could be the solution to many of your fitness problems.

In house personal training!

Admittedly not everybody will need a personal trainer. If you are one of the lucky few who are naturally athletic or you simply enjoy the sweat and beat of your sneakers eating pavement, then you are all set. However, most of us are new to exercising and we could all probably tell a story of some horrid experience we had with it. Then there is also the matter of time. Now, if you are considering working out, you might need a personal trainer. The choice then becomes one at home or one at the gym.

Here we give you seven (7) benefits of in house personal training as opposed to the gym:

1) Lower cost and no equipment needed

Who doesn’t love to save a pretty penny? The truth is gyms cost, and often the cost of a personal trainer is an additional charge. If you choose to work out at home, you are already cutting that bill in half. Can’t be a loss there. Additionally, in house personal training tends to focus more on using your own body weight to build core and muscle strength as opposed to using equipment. If you doubt this, think back to one of those YouTube videos you might have used. Did it have all these fancy equipment? Highly unlikely. If you do have equipment at home, your trainer will tailor your work out to include those. If not, watch how they can turn your own body into a fully outfitted and efficient organic gym!

2) Oh, the privacy and comfort!!

You have to admit that if you are new to exercising and your body isn’t the way you want it to be, then going to the gym can be a very intimidating experience. All those eyes just staring, and dare you give up or even need a break. There might be some over-zealous people giving you the side eye as if you should not have come to the gym at all. The truth is, it is fine to be frustrated and feel like you can’t go after a few minutes at it. You know your body best. But a gym can be one of those places where your self-confidence gets destroyed and your efforts can seem like nothing. You would never have these problems at home. In the privacy and comfort of your own space, you can work out at your pace with techniques that suit you to get the results you want. The best part, is you do it all without an audience.

3) Lots of personal attention.

In-house personal trainers come with all that undivided attention. You pay them for an hour maybe two, and they have nothing else to do but to focus on you. This way you know you are getting your money’s worth. In a gym a trainer will have other people to tend to during the same time you work out. That means that he/she has to be constantly moving about, and they are human so they can miss a thing or two. At home, it is just you, your trainer and those stubborn calories you will burn off.

4) You get to minimize the time while maximizing your workout.

It all goes back to the previous point. In a gym you have to consider that other people are around. Machines might not be readily available depending on the time of day you prefer to work out. The trainer could be busy, and let’s not forget the commute. It doesn’t matter if your gym is next door or 30 minutes away, you have to spend time getting there. In-house personal training means your time is set, and for the duration of it you do not have to wait on anyone. Instead your trainer comes to you and he/she is there to wait on you hand and foot.

5) You are guaranteed to be using the proper technique and form at all times

One of the major advantages to working out in an environment where there is a professional there to help, is that you are given expert advice. Now, at a gym trainers tell you what to do, demonstrate it and then move on to the other client while you are expected to follow directives. At home, all that one- on one attention means his/her eyes are on you all the time. You get no chance to slip into a poor form or slack off. This in turn saves you a good amount of money that you might otherwise have to spend in medical fees to correct injuries from poor form while working out.

6) You develop a routine

This is probably one of the most important things when it comes to working out. It is pretty easy and kind of cool to go to the gym and just hop on that treadmill. After that what happens? You just pick another thing and go at it hoping you are doing it right and getting those results? Trainers come with the expertise and knowledge to tailor a work out for you that best suits your body type and workout goals. They develop a workout routine for you with that in mind so no one part of your body is ignored or stressed. Hiring an in-house trainer also means you know every day at what time you will be working out and so you cannot make excuses as to why you didn’t show up. This helps to cultivate the discipline needed by eliminating your ability to choose whether to go to the gym or not.

7) You can better plan your diet.

Eating right is an important part of weight loss and fitness. Too often we fall off the wagon and procrastinate. When a trainer comes to you at home, he can take a look at your pantry, throw out what you shouldn’t have and help you to get the rest. Then from that a meal plan can be created. This means that you are not just given a sheet of paper at the gym and told to follow that. We all know how pointless that can be sometimes when we lack the discipline. It can also be more expensive. An in-house trainer can take into consideration your budget and the things you like or do not like and work with that. That way it doesn’t stress or annoy you to eat healthier because this meal plan is specifically tailored to you and what is accessible. Besides, he/she is showing up again in a day or two, you better not have any contraband in that house or they will know.

The gym is a wonderful place to be, but it is not ideal for everyone. In-house trainer is sometimes a better fit for so many reasons. Give it a shot and see how it works for you.

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