A Beginner’s Guide to Going to the Gym

16 December 2015

Congratulations! You’re officially one step closer to achieving the body of your dreams. You’ve finally decided to head to the gym after years of flaking and slacking. Now all that’s left is to just dawn your sweat gear and head to the nearest machine, right? Err.. not really!
The fact is beginners need to be aware of a few important things before making their first trip to the gym. Without proper guidance, you may find yourself lost or discouraged. You could even give up too soon.
If you really want to make the most of the experience, then you’re in luck. We’ve prepared beginner tips for gym goers right here, including mistakes you should avoid and things you must keep in mind.
1. Manage your expectations
It’s very common for newbie gym goers to expect too much right away They want to lose 15 pounds right away or gain 20 pounds of muscle too soon. If this is what you’re pushing for too early on, then you’re bound to tear a muscle. You might end up burning yourself out, you wouldn’t want to come back.
Learn to manage your expectations. Understand that things like developing muscles and empowering your core will take time. The trick? Break down your massive goals into manageable steps, such as increasing the amount of protein you eat each day or switching from machine to free weights.
2. Seek a trainer’s support
Not everyone chooses to have a trainer. Some are satisfied asking their friends who are already avid gym goers. However, it would be a massive help if you hire a trainer during the first few months at the gym. This way, you are guided well when it comes to the right routine and machines to use. Plus, be in the know of other safety measures you need to take.
Ask your friends and peers who their recommended trainer is. Make sure to do a background and legitimacy check. After all, you’re putting your health (and life) in someone else’s hands.
3. Don’t train everyday.
Training everyday is one of the worst ways to treat your body. Yes, we all want to build our muscles. Yes, we all want to burn all the fat. However, our bodies aren’t machines. It needs time to recuperate.
Give yourself 3-4 times a week at the gym. Spend the rest recovering from all the tough workouts. If the trainer you hired knows his/her stuff, this tip should be among the first things s/he would tell you.
4. Always warm up
No matter what routine you’re in for today, warming up is a must. Going straight to your session will shock your body, making it more prone to injury. Do a necessary warm up so your body will be introduced gently to the rigorous training ahead.
5. Wipe off
The gym may be the place that will make you fit. However, it could also be a place that could get you sick. Consider the amount of people using the equipment and sweating at the same time. It’s a breeding ground for germs. That’s why you need to be very careful about your hygiene.
Wipe off the equipment each time before using it. Of course, you wouldn’t want to share someone else’s sweat the moment you sit on the bench, right? At the same time, make it a practice to shower before and after. Keeping yourself clean will prevent any unnecessary sickness on your part.
6. Practice basic gym etiquette
Just as you are in a church or in an office, there’s a silent etiquette that comes with going to the gym. Wiping off isn’t just about keeping you germ-free. It’s also about respecting the person who will be using the equipment after you. So practice it every time you’re there.
Furthermore, learn to put back the weights after you use them. Those plates and dumbbells are kept aside for good reason: To prevent accidents. So don’t be the troublemaker who would leave them around. Another is to plug in your music through your earphones. Don’t be disruptive to others who just want to go about their day listening to their music while sweating out.
7. Act like an athlete
Don’t just be fit when you’re in the gym. Live the lifestlye beyond the equipment. As much as possible, avoid vices and skip on the habits that are just bound to make you unhealthy. Plus, ensure you eat well to supplement all the muscles you’re building and to help your body recover.
Your body is only as good as how you treat it. Make it a point to be the healthiest and fittest you can be.

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