Build Yourself Fitness

Build Yourself Fitness believes that if you want to be fit, you have to live fit. Our Philosophy is based on simplicity to work your body both from the inside and out, by following a natural path to being healthier.

Our Expertise

At Build Yourself Fitness our personal fitness trainers bring you back to the playground.  There are no treadmills and no fancy machines. We bring in our state of the art personal fitness training equipment and use functional core exercises using stability balls, TRX, bosu (both sides up), kickboxing gear and free weights.

Darren Singer – CEO, Personal Trainer


Born in South Africa, Darren’s family moved to Toronto in 1987. Growing up he dedicated his life to sports and fitness and was a lead player in sports such as basketball, tennis, soccer, ice hockey and volleyball. Darren suffered a back injury which resulted in two herniated disks and in many ways this reinforced the path that Darren wanted to follow. He had been told by doctors that he would never be able to train again, but his positive attitude and love of his chosen career would not allow him to let go of his dreams. It is for this reason, that he now has the personal training expertise required while training his clients and assisting them with their back injuries. Through his own personal experience he not only strengthened his back, but also proved with his commitment and dedication that using exercise techniques can correct severe medical conditions. His philosophy is to train hard, eat smart and get adequate sleep.


Darren graduated from Humber College obtaining a Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion. He also has his Canadian Personal Training Certificate, through The Canadian Personal Training Network, and is also certified by Canfitpro as a Personal Training Specialist. Darren is also certified in CPR and First Aid.


Darren is the Founder and CEO of Build Yourself Fitness Inc., and has had considerable success training many clients and helping them reach their goals.

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  • Why Us?
  • Why You?
  • Why In-Home

Book your fitness training program TODAY! Build and Tone at Home.

Book your fitness training program TODAY! Build and Tone at Home.

Build Yourself Fitness is designed for everyone who wants to get fit and healthy, but hates the thought of wasting money on a gym membership they know they’ll never use.

Besides being expensive, fitness clubs are just too far away from your home or office. BE honest: you know you’ll never bother driving all the way there, just to feel self-conscious, then struggle with equipment you’ve never used before.

Build Yourself Fitness helps to build and tone at home! Partnering with a Build Yourself Fitness personal trainer means:

  • Working out in the privacy, convenience and comfort of your home or other location (no matter how large or small!)
  • No more worrying about travel time, parking, traffic and weather – or getting to use them as an excuse!
  • No wasted time getting to and from home, work and gym
  • No fitness equipment needed (Your trainer will bring state-of-the-art equipment if necessary)
  • Personalized attention, motivation – and accountability! — means faster results
  • No high fees for a gym membership you’ll never use anyway
  • You pick the music and the temperature!
  • You benefit from personal fitness training workouts tailored to your goals and schedule



Book your fitness training program TODAY! Build and Tone at Home.