Build Yourself Fitness provides Personal Training in Toronto, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, North York, Newmarket, Vaughan and Aurora.

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Today’s stress and sedentary lifestyle emphasizes the need of personal training for health and fitness reasons. However, trying to get fit without the guidance of a personal trainer is like trying to cook without a recipe! Of course, you can try to get fit on your own, but with it comes the risk of your getting injured, doing the wrong exercises and quitting the program.

It’s better training under a personal trainer as they not only customize a safe and effective program for you, but also support all your positive lifestyle changes while keeping each workout interesting, fun and progressive.

This is the same philosophy we at Build Yourself Fitness believe and follow. We believe that instead of your wasting your time travelling miles to reach a fitness club, and wasting money on a gym membership you may never use, you should opt for in home personal training!

With our unique fitness plan we bring you the necessary state-of-the-art equipment into your home so that you can work out in the privacy, comfort and convenience of your own home with our guidance. We don’t use treadmills or fancy machines to get you into shape. We bring our own personal fitness training equipment and get you fit through functional core exercises with the help of stability balls, bosu, free weights and kickboxing gear.

My son and I have been fortunate to have Darren as our personal trainer for about six months now. Darren is professional and well organized. He arrives for our twice weekly sessions early and always with a friendly smile(or story) ready to motivate us.. Darrens workouts are tailored to our separate needs, always unique, fun and full of challenges. Having Darren come to our home for our workouts has made it possible to make health more of a priority in our lives. Losing weight has always been an obstacle for myself and my son. My teenage son now holds his head higher, has a better body image and has more self confidence. Thank you Darren!!

Melanie & Josh B.

Outside of being a fantastic trainer, Darren possesses qualities that are far and beyond many other trainers. He has an extensive knowledge of how to target each area with a vast variety of exercises. His energy intrigues you and the results keep you coming back! He’s simply amazing!”From the moment I met Darren I was struck by his warmth and sweetness. He teaches with a perfect blend of persistence and humor. I think Darren is simply amazing and anyone who trains with him is very lucky!!!!!HE IS AN AWESOME TRAINER!!!

Nicky Y.

With being the un-motivated type for working out at the gym, Darren has made me the motivated person I am today when it comes to our personal fitness training workout’s. I have seen the improvement on a weekly basis, having more energy, feeling good about my body, and having others notice too. Darren has helped give me definition and lose weight in the areas that are most important to me. Darren is very professional personal fitness trainer and treats his clients with lots of respect. I look forward to having Darren guide me further for years to come. Keep up the good work Darren, you have a lot to be proud of!

Jared G.

Mike is very professional and knowledgeable in his approach to fitness. I look forward to my private fitness training sessions with him, as he varies them, makes them fun and challenging, and motivates me to do my best. As a result of his personal training sessions, I feel more energized and flexible, stronger, less stressed, and more confident. The convenience of being able to accomplish this with in-home training and a personalized program add to the benefits. I would highly recommend Mike as a Personal Trainer to anyone wanting to improve their health and well-being.

Anne K.

I would highly recommend Darren to anyone! My fiancé and I hired him to get into shape for our upcoming wedding and I’m so glad we did! We’ve seen great results! I love the convenience of having an in home personal trainer come over. There’s no excuses or putting off working out because there’s someone there making you accountable. Darren is motivating and fun to work out with. He keeps us working hard and pushes us each time but also keeps things varied and different so that it isn’t the same old thing. If you want results Darren can definitely help you achieve them!

Sarah T.

I have been training with Darren for about 3 years. He is very knowledgeable and gears the workout towards my own specific needs. The workouts are never boring and get changed up regularly. Darren will push you to your own limits and is encouraging towards my goals. I would recommend Darren as a personal trainer to anyone.


Why us?

Build Yourself Fitness is designed for everyone who wants to get fit and healthy, but hates the thought of wasting money on a gym membership they know they’ll never use.

Besides being expensive, fitness clubs are just too far away from your home or office. BE honest: you know you’ll never bother driving all the way there, just to feel self-conscious, then struggle with equipment you’ve never used before.

Build Yourself Fitness helps to build and tone at home! Partnering with a Build Yourself Fitness personal trainer means:



About our CEO

Born in South Africa, Darren’s family moved to Toronto in 1987. Growing up he dedicated his life to sports and fitness and was a lead player in sports such as basketball, tennis, soccer, ice hockey and volleyball. Darren suffered a back injury which resulted in two herniated disks and in many ways this reinforced the path that Darren wanted to follow. He had been told by doctors that he would never be able to train again, but his positive attitude and love of his chosen career would not allow him to let go of his dreams. It is for this reason, that he now has the personal training expertise required while training his clients and assisting them with their back injuries. Through his own personal experience he not only strengthened his back, but also proved with his commitment and dedication that using exercise techniques can correct severe medical conditions. His philosophy is to train hard, eat smart and get adequate sleep.

Darren graduated from Humber College obtaining a Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion. He also has his Canadian Personal Training Certificate, through The Canadian Personal Training Network, and is also certified by Canfitpro as a Personal Training Specialist. Darren is also certified in CPR and First Aid.

Darren is the Founder and CEO of Build Yourself Fitness Inc., and has had considerable success training many clients and helping them reach their goals.

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