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Darren is a pleasure to work with. I particularly enjoyed him customizing programs to meet my needs and including variety in the workouts. Having him come to my home makes finding the time for working out much easier.


Darren has been great at keeping me motivated and making the workouts fun by changing the routines slightly each time. He is always on time and makes sure I don't slack off! Seriously, he's great to work out with and anyone considering a personal trainer at home could not pick anyone better!


“Investing in my health with the help of Darren was the best decision I ever made. My stamina and strength have greatly improved. My cholesterol level, which used to be high is normal,and I am 15 pounds lighter. I am now wearing the same size clothes as I did 30 years ago. Thanks to Darren I feel great, look great, and my confidence is soaring. “

Darren was everything I could have asked for from a personal trainer. Darren made training enjoyable for someone who had never worked out consistently before. After each session with Darren I always felt like I had accomplished a goal by completing the daily workout. Darren listened to which part of the body I wanted to work the most, and designed a perfect program around that. He gave me a workout for days I didn’t see him, and with his influence I always kept up on them. Darren was always accommodating when sessions had to be moved in order to get all the weekly sessions in. I would still be training with Darren if I did not have to move away, so instead he gave me a weekly program that I could do on my own at home. He also gave me a food plan which combined with the workouts have helped me get in better shape and has made working out much more enjoyable. I would recommend Darren to anyone looking for a personal trainer!!!


“We needed someone to come in and work with our students and Darren Singer of Build Yourself Fitness seemed to have the right approach. We had beginners. Kids who wanted to train for specific sports, and many who just wanted to redefine their lifestyle. Darren did a terrific job at helping this diverse group understand how to take care of their bodies. He did targeted fitness programs for both full body fitness and specific muscle group training, including cardio, strength and core development. Our older students had to do a major project for their coursework and Darren helped them to design and implement a fitness plan with great success. We were very pleased with the work Darren did. He got all of us on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Keep up the good work Darren!”

“I have always hated ‘working out’, however Darren encouraged me to add a fitness program to my lifestyle, and it has changed my life around! A keen walker, I always thought that a daily vigorous walk would provide me with all the exercise I needed, however, when my weight accelerated and constantly ‘yo-yoed, I approached Darren who “tailor made” me one of his programs. This includes weights, kick boxing and resistance exercising. The program card which was provided helps me to exercise on day’s when I am not being trained. They are comprehensive and easy to follow.

With his help I managed not only to lose weight, but to go down three dress sizes!! More importantly he taught me how to maintain my weight, so that I now know my limits, and am able to eat in moderation, but with enjoyment, and to exercise without hating it! I highly recommend Darren to anyone who needs a personal trainer!! “

Fred Howe, Willowwood private school

Darren is a great Personal Trainer who I highly recommend. Over the 8 months I worked with Darren, I dropped two dress sizes and my fitness improved so much. I am now planning a trip to Peru to walk the Inca trails. If I hadn’t moved to a new Province, I would still be working out with him, and I have no doubt Darren can help anyone achieve their fitness goals!

His private fitness training sessions were always motivating and varied with lots of different exercises to keep me interested. I worked considerably harder than I would have training on my own, but enjoyed every minute! I also have a very demanding work schedule with frequent travel commitments and Darren was extremely accommodating with his time and schedule to ensure I got my workouts in.

Jess C

When it comes to any at-home personal training service there are obvious benefits, but what separates Build Yourself Fitness is the customization and creativity that Darren puts into our programs. Every week is a little bit different but equally challenging and rewarding. What amazes us most though is how easily our basic home can be turned into a full-service gym. One week we’re working our triceps using the kitchen chairs, and the next week we’re bench-pressing the ottoman (kidding). If you’re looking to get into better shape but busy and having trouble committing to a fitness routine, then you definitely won’t regret giving Darren a chance to help you out!

*results may very from person to person

Michelle & John Cogan

I would just like to take this opportunity to say how much I am enjoying my weekly personal training sessions with you. I can’t tell you how wonderful and convenient it is to have you show up at my house ten minutes before my training session every week.

I love the fact that you are so organized and that you vary the work-outs from week to week. Darren, you make the work-outs a lot of fun but very challenging and seem to know who is at what level and how hard to push and when to push us to the next level. I am already feeling much stronger with more energy thanks to you. As far as I’m concerned In-Home Personal Training is the way to go.

Paddy. M

I would highly recommend Darren to anyone! My fiancé and I hired him to get into shape for our upcoming wedding and I’m so glad we did! We’ve seen great results! I love the convenience of having an in home personal trainer come over. There’s no excuses or putting off working out because there’s someone there making you accountable. Darren is motivating and fun to work out with. He keeps us working hard and pushes us each time but also keeps things varied and different so that it isn’t the same old thing. If you want results Darren can definitely help you achieve them!

Sarah T

Mike is very professional and knowledgeable in his approach to fitness. I look forward to my private fitness training sessions with him, as he varies them, makes them fun and challenging, and motivates me to do my best. As a result of his personal training sessions, I feel more energized and flexible, stronger, less stressed, and more confident. The convenience of being able to accomplish this with in-home training and a personalized program add to the benefits. I would highly recommend Mike as a Personal Trainer to anyone wanting to improve their health and well-being.

Anne K

With being the un-motivated type for working out at the gym, Darren has made me the motivated person I am today when it comes to our personal fitness training workout’s. I have seen the improvement on a weekly basis, having more energy, feeling good about my body, and having others notice too. Darren has helped give me definition and lose weight in the areas that are most important to me. Darren is very professional personal fitness trainer and treats his clients with lots of respect. I look forward to having Darren guide me further for years to come. Keep up the good work Darren, you have a lot to be proud of!

Jared G

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