Top 4 Fitness Trends That Will Rule 2017

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The fitness industry has been constantly picking up steam and has enabled people to fight the obesity epidemic. People are becoming increasingly aware of the need to adopt a fitness routine and to get themselves into shape. Yoga, Cardio, and Pilates have been all the rage and cycling, outdoor sports and even aerobics have been gaining popularity.

Here is a look at the fitness trends that 2017 has in store for us:

1) The Fitness Routine

2016 has seen a rise in people opting to go back to the simple ways to get fit. This year people gave up complex gym routines for fun dance classes ranging from the Zumba to the waltz, foxtrot, and even ballet dance. 2017 will definitely see a rise in this trend and the growth of such classes being offered across cities is to be expected.

2) Aerobics

This is a retro trend that is resurging. We are all familiar with the popular fitness aerobics of the nineties. It makes for a great cardio based workout and will always leave you feeling energized and charged up. You also get to listen to your favorite music and enjoy some great moves, getting fitter all the while!

3) Outdoor Activities & Sports

Outdoor team sports are catching up once again. A good work out of any form when we are outdoors will boost our endorphin levels to the max and makes us feel good. It also helps your body generate more Vitamin D. These days our parks are more occupied and full of exercise equipment than ever before. In 2017 outdoor gyms will also crop up around cities and will prove to be fantastic workout spaces.

4) Workouts

In the recent past, HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training had gained tremendous popularity. However, there are a couple of others that are likely to be popular in 2017. For instance, PHIIT or Pilates High Intensity Interval Training, which puts together the toning and core strengthening benefits of Pilates with the high intensity cardiovascular workout HIIT. Another such program is the PHA or Peripheral Heart Action Training, which works on the principle that keeping your blood circulating throughout the duration of your workout helps you get fit in 3 ways including more fat burn, more muscle toning, and cardio boost.

Also, the last few years have been interesting with an ever-increasing focus on fitness gadgets ranging from the Fitbit to the Apple Watch. This trend is likely to intensify through 2017 and beyond with leaner and meaner gadgets grabbing the limelight. Fitness bands will become synonymous with hitting the gym and will become an absolute necessity. There is also a chance of other gadgets competing with the ubiquitous fitness bands. Such prototypes may hit the market in 2017.

Finally swimming and other activities at the pool are a great way to get fit. There is one trend that may catch up in 2017. One of them is pool biking. It involves a tailor-made bike for the pool that creates a full body resistance workout. This could result in burning up of a substantial amount of calories every hour.

Now that you know the top fitness trends likely to gain traction in 2017, there is nothing to hold you back from getting that perfectly toned body in 2017!

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