Build Yourself Fitness provides Personal Training in Toronto, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, North York, Newmarket, Vaughan and Aurora.

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Corporate fitness

Personal/Group training

You want to get fit... but joining an expensive far away fitness club just isn't your style

That’s why Build Yourself Fitness brings the workout to you! Our certified, experienced personal trainers give you their undivided attention in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home.

You and your trainer develop a personalized home fitness program that combines nutrition and exercise. You will get guidance and encouragement every personal training session, and conveniently work out, and get fit on your own schedule with your unique in home personal training plan.

We train you during the best times for you, not the other way around!

Darren impressed me right from the start. He has motivated me to achieve a fitness level which I haven’t experienced since the days I was at college. He is knowledgable, reliable and personable. My sessions with Darren have never been motonous and he constantly introduces new ways to build my fitness. In a six month period, I have seen remarkable results, losing 15lbs and 12 total inches and hitting my targeted goal at 12% body fat. I have complete confidence that Darren will continue to encourage me to continue keeping fit and healthy.

Mel R.

Darren is a great Personal Trainer who I highly recommend. Over the 8 months I worked with Darren, I dropped two dress sizes and my fitness improved so much. I am now planning a trip to Peru to walk the Inca trails. If I hadn’t moved to a new Province, I would still be working out with him, and I have no doubt Darren can help anyone achieve their fitness goals!

Jess C.

I would just like to take this opportunity to say how much I am enjoying my weekly personal training sessions with you. I can’t tell you how wonderful and convenient it is to have you show up at my house ten minutes before my training session every week.

Paddy M.

Investing in my health with the help of Darren was the best decision I ever made. My stamina and strength have greatly improved. My cholesterol level, which used to be high is normal, and I am 15 pounds lighter. I am now wearing the same size clothes as I did 30 years ago. Thanks to Darren I feel great, look great, and my confidence is soaring.

Sherri W.

Darren has been great at keeping me motivated and making the workouts fun by changing the routines slightly each time. He is always on time and makes sure I don't slack off! Seriously, he's great to work out with and anyone considering a personal trainer at home could not pick anyone better!


Darren is a pleasure to work with. I particularly enjoyed him customizing programs to meet my needs and including variety in the workouts. Having him come to my home makes finding the time for working out much easier.


Stop wishing. start doing.

We believe that if you want to be fit, you have to live fit. Our Philosophy is based on simplicity to work your body both from the inside and out, by following a natural path to being healthier.

Our personal fitness trainers bring you back to the playground.  There are no treadmills and no fancy machines. We bring in our state of the art personal fitness training equipment and use functional core exercises using stability balls, TRX, bosu (both sides up), kickboxing gear and free weights.

In-Home Personal Fitness